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The four dreadful D’s

ImageI’ve been reading Gary Barkalow’s book “It’s your call”.  I’ve found it to be really profound and quite different to other similar books I’ve read.  In it, he mentions four ways that the enemy uses to keep us from our destiny.  These are:

  • Distance – we are distanced from our hearts and desires through pain or wounding
  • Diminishment – the glory of our lives is diminished to such as point that we no longer want to offer it
  • Disdain – through the power of shame we are brought to a place of disdain for our glory
  • Disqualification – accusation causes us to believe we are no longer qualified to walk in our calling

Upon reflection, I’ve found that I have come up against all of these strategies, some of these battles are still very much in progress.  I meet so many people who are miserable, not walking in their calling.  From the outside looking in, I can often clearly see how one (or more) of these dynamics are at play.  One of the reasons they’re so effective is that we mostly unaware that they are in operation, we take things at face value and simply believe that “this is how things are”.  Part of my journey is to reflect on the agreements I’ve made with some of these lies and strategies and to question what I believe to be true about myself and the world.  Sometimes it’s a scary and difficult process, but always worth it!



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