Reflecting on “stuckness”

I’ve been trying out a dream journey that I found in a book.  It’s been much harder than I anticipated.  The first task on this journey is to write down 100 dreams.  They provide some categories to assist with the thinking, these are:

  • Things to be
  • Things to do
  • Things to have

In each of these aspects …

  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Legacy

StucknessSounds simple enough, right?  NOT!  Getting to 20 was pretty easy, getting to 50 was MUCH harder.  Then finally at around no 53 I got stuck.  Part of my stuckness comes from over thinking things – is something profound enough to be classified as a dream, or is it more like a goal?  For example, reading a book each month (an example in the book) doesn’t feel like a dream to me, unless you’re the mother of twins I guess.

This stuckness got me thinking about how I’ve become so distanced from my dreams and desires?  Why is it so difficult to just “let go” and dream?  Am I really giving myself permission?  Am I stuck in “realism”.  And is there such a thing as ONE big life dream – a purpose?  If there is, does it change according to the life season I’m in, does it stay the same?  If I don’t manage to access it, will it be lost forever?  So many questions!
So I’ve decided to “sit” with my stuckness, to tarry here for a while and see what new insight I can gain into myself and the process of dreaming.  In the meantime, to ensure that I don’t lose momentum, I’ve started working on making a few of the 50 I’ve already listed become reality.  So Saturday I’m starting art classes (Dream # 11: Learn to paint).

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